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Spending more time at home brought many property owners the realization that they wanted more function, more style, and space in their homes, particularly in their kitchens and bathrooms. Here is an overview of some useful elements to use when remodeling or updating your kitchen or bath’s look. 

Designs for Reducing Clutter

The countertops in both the bathroom and kitchen are a must for a clean environment for self-care in one room and preparing food in the other. There are numerous types of storage that can work to accomplish opening up spaces and reducing the number of items that wind up sitting out. In the bathroom, replacing the sink with a combo sink and vanity with drawers can take on the job of holding lotions, hair tools, towels, and more. In the kitchen, storage options beyond cabinets get even better. In small kitchens where space is a top commodity, the use of roll-out shelves that fit between appliances or cabinets can create a great place to store spices or other items frequently used. 

Easy to Clean Spaces

It is crucial to keep the bathroom and kitchen sanitary. A layout that makes it simple to clean the floors and surfaces makes doing the task even easier. Use under-cabinet mounted small appliances where feasible, use wall mounted shelving for holding canisters in the kitchen, and get items off the countertops in the bathroom with the same shelving type. 

Flexible Spaces

Since most people now use laptops, tablets, or phones as their primary way to pay bills, write, communicate, and engage online. Designating a small table that unfolds into a desk in the kitchen can create a casual space to unwind with a cup of coffee and catch up on online reading or research. The table’s foldup nature means when it commands little floor space when not in use as more people are working remotely, creating a space to grab a bite to eat while working is becoming more in demand. 

Incorporating Technology

Some eco-systems can run every room in your home, adjusting the lights or climate control functions. There are appliance-specific roles that can assist in making everyday tasks more convenient with the ability to tell your kitchen faucet to fill a pan with 64 ounces of water to cook pasta or for the oven to preheat to cook chicken wings, all from an app on your phone or through voice commands. Smart faucets in the bathroom can run a bath or start a shower and get the water to the exact desired temperature. 

Bring Nature Indoors

Plants have always been a part of most interior design plans as they add a fresh aesthetic. The trend now is to incorporate sustainable plants such as bamboo and plants that improve air quality, such as potted rubber trees. Another way to bring in the great outdoors is to make the largest window in the room the focal point with minimal window treatments and let the view add to the interior design. 

Although traditional glass electric cooktops have been among the most prevalent choices, gas and induction cooking methods are gaining ground and look poised to overtake electric cooktops as the choice among homeowners. Refrigerators that can assist in meal planning by viewing the contents inside and offering suggestions are also becoming popular. 

As technology and sustainable methods advance, expect the trend towards more hands-free and app-driven appliances and fixtures. Make a list of functions that would assist in making life easier for meal prep and self-care to narrow down to the best features that best fit your individual lifestyle.

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