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The real estate market in many cities is hot, hot, hot! Low-interest rates, a search for more space now that many are, at least partially, working from home, and relocation dreams coming true have markets like Florida and Colorado jumping. Housing inventory was limited in 2021, and in 2022 many homeowners are deciding to stay put in their current homes rather than buying a significantly more expensive one in their community. How does this impact plumbing? Property owners are investing in upgrades for their bathrooms, kitchens, and even their plumbing system. Understanding industry trends is helpful to those looking to update or remodel and even those in the market for a new home.

Forever Home Designs

Baby Boomers are looking to adapt their homes to anticipate their future needs as they age. Rather than relocating, they are investing in home updates that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. At the core of many of those updates is accessibility. Zero-threshold showers with grab bars and seating are becoming the norm. Instead of the “institutional” look, accessible bathrooms used to have, designs now incorporate safety, functionality, and innovative patterns and materials to build a beautiful space to enjoy.

You don’t have to be a Baby Boomer to design a forever home. An increase in the time we spend at home has many homeowners looking to update the functionality and look of their home to make it work within our new reality. Converting a garage to a workable home office or adding new features to the house such as heated bathroom floors or outside showers are all more popular now than they were before.

Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Feel

Now that we’ve spent more time at home, we want it to be peaceful and comfortable. This trend extends to furniture and décor elements, and it is particularly prevalent among bathroom projects. A soaking tub and smart technology in a bathroom can help create a spa-like environment complete with voice-activated devices that can control sound and lights and allow you to relax. Airy and light bathrooms with an open feel invite users to relax and recharge in the comfort of their own home.

Concern for the Environment

Today’s consumer is increasingly conscious of water quality and waste. Innovative technology offers homeowners the opportunity to monitor usage and make adjustments. Supply-chain issues play a role in installing new water solutions in new construction and older models. Rather than installing pieces of a system as they become available, it can be more time-efficient to invest in a coordinated solution that is available as a unit and focuses on sustainability. By selecting an integrated eco-friendly option, you can save time and benefit the environment simultaneously.

Smart Technology is Becoming Mainstream

We rely on smart technology and wearables to help us monitor our well-being, our activity level, and even our home security. Not surprisingly, plumbing also benefits from smart devices that are becoming mainstream. Bluetooth bathroom speakers for music while you bathe, mirrors that respond to your voice, and smart toilets are a few examples of amenities for the user. More sophisticated systems include leak detection technology and temperature regulators that can help conserve energy and water usage. Plumbing professionals capable of installing innovative solutions are critical to home improvement projects.

Although not as visible as your flooring selection or your choice of paint, plumbing plays a crucial role in your home. Whether you look at it from a functionality perspective and the needs of your family or an environmentally-conscious point-of-view, exploring options is time well spent. Look into newer technology and add it to your project and do your smart homework for you.

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