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Much like every industry and trade requiring skilled and trained professionals, advancements in technology have helped improve the tradecraft’s efficiency and effectiveness. Even with the seemingly rudimentary steps of plumbing repair and maintenance, technology has found its way into nearly every facet of residential and commercial plumbing.

The Plumbing Approaches of Today

More than ever, customers expect a fast turnaround on emergencies in their homes or on their property. To achieve this, local plumbing companies embrace the technological innovations directly designed for their tradecraft to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the work performed. There are many ways these new solutions improve customer service without compromising effective results.

Crawler Equipment for Sewer Lines 

Sewer crawlers are unique machines that can traverse sewer service and mainlines under the control of a technician in a nearby connected truck. The advantage to crawlers is the ability to overcome debris and imperfections in the line to reach the problem area that needs to be addressed and documented.

Less Invasive Sewer Service Repairs 

Until now, sewer service lines connecting to the main were a considerable challenge to fix. Even with cameras positioned close to the damaged area, equipment needed to excavate ruining yards and leaving a substantial mess. Advancements in this area allow a small penetration point or access through a cleanout where an inflatable coated with a high-strength resin creates a new portion of the line.

Infrared Leak Detection

One of the most advanced and non-invasive strategies for finding the source of water damage in your home or business is infrared detection tools. Thermal imagery tracks changes in the electromagnetic spectrum that can show where leaks within wall systems and ceiling assemblies exist.

Alert Technology for Possible Burst Threats

Areas prone to freezing pipes and cold snaps should take whatever possible precautions exist to keep ice from forming in the lines and ultimately causing these service lines to break. There are digital detection devices that can evaluate changing conditions in your service lines and alert you when ice begins to form. You can warm up the pipes or seek professional assistance before the situation becomes dire.

Virtual Communication and Troubleshooting

Much like digital wellness checkups and doctor’s visits that save you the time of traveling to your primary care physician, many companies are performing virtual diagnoses of your home’s problems based on visually inspecting with the help of a homeowner’s smart device. Professionals can better understand what a project needs through a quick, initial evaluation of the situation before arriving.

The Mobile Apps Helping Plumbing Work Go Faster 

It is no surprise with how valuable certain apps are to helping manage time, money, and other aspects of our life that this would not become a beneficial possibility for trade professionals. While some of these outfits are using mobile versions of applications like QuickBooks and invoicing software, other current application types are more widely installed like:

  • Electrical Wiring Assistance
  • Plumbing Material Calculator
  • Estimate Calculator

This is only the beginning of what we expect moving forward. Technology, apps, and non-invasive equipment are becoming the norm for plumbing outfits of all sizes. Now, repairs and services can happen even more efficiently when you need professional assistance.

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